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Young-ish Dog Learning New Tricks


Even w/ a Bachelor’s and Master’s under my belt; even with a full-time job in an industry I love and in a department I enjoy; even with all the major boxes checked off for a young person living and surviving in New York City, I feel the need to explore new things. 

Learning something new has always been an exciting experience for me. I was a nerd that loved school, that loved getting an education and reading about something completely foreign/unknown to me. I still enjoy it today (hence my obsessions w/ the How Stuff Works podcasts, Mythbusters, and the Planet Earth series). Which is why I actually listened when my friend and mentor recommended Jon Duckett‘s HTML and CSS. He knew my interest in learning more about coding and web design. He knew I was more of a by-the-book learner than a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants one. And I have one word to describe this book. 


No, it doesn’t uncover any great mysteries, there are no Indiana Jones and the Last Crusadeworthy discoveries. However, the information is flawlessly and pleasantly presented in a colorful, but not obnoxious, manner. Its simple. Its quick. And at the end of each section, I’m not frantically googling to try and translate any “high-tech lingo” that the author has assumed I already know. It truly is the best way to begin your education in HTML and CSS. I absolutely suggest this book to anyone interested in this subject. Or even anyone trying to broaden their experience for a job. It’s a skill/practice that is much sought after and admired.

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