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Eating Crow, the Literary Interpretation

Fair Warning: I’m posting this via my new toy, my iPad. So if you find some mistakes and notice a lack in special/fancy styling, it’s NOT because I’m going back to the good-old-days of bare-necessity blogging; I’m just using the app and haven’t figured out all of the tricks.

This is my official apology/tweet-retraction: I was wrong.

Confused? Here’s the story: a couple months ago, I bought the ebook (Kindle edition) for The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons. I was pretty pissed to find out that I’d bought yet another edition of a book I already owned, and all of the fun endnotes (a styling thing for this particular author) were in a completely separate doc, and there were NO links to all the articles and videos the author mentioned (which he had made available on his site when the print edition first came out).

So in my anger, what did I do? I tweeted about how disappointed I was in Random House for their piss poor attempt at publishing a digital non-fiction title. I got some agreement and interaction, but overall, I was pleased for serving justice to the public.

Then I bought the iPad, and had to eat some over-cooked crow. I checked out the iBookstore, downloaded a sample of the same Simmons ebook, and prepared for disappointment.

It never came.

Much to my surprise, they’d linked the endnotes into the text, fashioning them so that you could return to your reading location, having NOT completely left the text. Also, there was the addition of a link to the webpage that the author had set up with the article links, video clip links, and additional information. Now this is not to say there aren’t still flaws (which my supervisor at work took time to point out as well): the the endnote numbers are TINY, making it probable that you’ll miss hitting the number; the endnotes are all living on one ongoing list, making it a bit confusing to locate which note you want when; it is NOT intuitive that you have to tap the number again to return to the page you’d left; and the link to the additional information takes you outside the text.

Putting all that aside, I have to set the record straight. I jumped the gun and called the major pub company out on not taking a sports book masterpiece and making it into a HIGH quality ebook. So, I apologize for my HIGH expectations for an ebook of style and elegance from one of the BIG 6. Oops, my bad.


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Queer Theory, Amazon, and Twitter…Oh My!

Thanks to my good friend’s tweet, I discovered what this post would discuss, though briefly so as not to continue beating this poor dying horse.

Enter “#amazonfail”-If you’ve been under a rock, or more predictably out of the twitter loop, this story has probably gone over your head. Honestly, I hadn’t heard it myself until reading one friend’s message on the ever faithful and current reporter, Twitter (scary but true).

So the gist of it is that there was a noticeable trend of Amazon sales rankings disappearing from certain sales materials (books featuring gay and lesbian themes/characters). The amazing thing is how quickly this all came about: it was noticed this weekend, and an Amazon rep has already addressed the topic with Publishers Weekly. As PW reports, “an Amazon spokesperson said that a glitch had occurred in its sales ranking feature that was in the process of being fixed.”

Now what I found interesting was another report on this story, found on jezebel.com. While they approach the same topic (with a few more expletives thoughts about the matter), they also provide some interesting comparisons on what WAS showing rankings, and what wasn’t.

Ex. “Queer theory books, books on coming out, and feminism books lose their rankings, but A Parent’s Guide To Preventing Homosexuality gets to keep its rank?”

The list of what did and did not make the cut was a rather surprising and controversial collection. And to think I wouldn’t have bothered to read PW about this until tomorrow if not for my skills in social networking procrastination. As my good friend pointed out on her message, “the debacle started, grew and finished across 1 SUNDAY… Twitter gets results!” (Thanks for the update PanDAng!)

*Also, check out an interesting theory presented by another social network correspondent. It’ll keep you conspiracy theory people happy, and the rest of us informed.

So be it mass genocide, natural disasters, celebrity tid-bits, or righteous equality actions against e-tailer discrimination, turn to your Twitter kiddies! It’ll let you know whats hot or not.

Having said all that, and in light of it being Easter, I leave you with this Bob Hope quote: “The good news is that Jesus is coming back. The bad news is that he’s really pissed off.

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