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E-reading In The Park

This past Sunday I attempted to do something I haven’t done for quite some time (due ENTIRELY to weather…and the difficulty presented w/ reading in mittens): Read in the park.

Unfortunately, I failed. Like most easy-to-distract individuals, I got about 5 pages (or 2%) into my ebook, and quickly became more interested in

  • the butterfly kite in the air,
  • the father-son combo playing catch (ending in the predictable fashion of son “accidentally” bashing father in the head/stomach/groin with the ball, and said father preceding to end the game b/c the son “just wasn’t concentrating on the basics”),
  • the hula-hoopers practicing a healthy distance away from the jugglers,
  • the unbelievably cute puppy with absolutely NO training trying to take down a flock of obviously GPS-deprived pigeons,
  • and the fact that my bum was going numb from sitting on top of a freezing tree stump.
  • Regardless, I’ll be planning my next escape for the first weekend in May. I’ve done Prospect and Central Park, so thinking maybe a venture out of Governor’s Island? Who knows. Feel free to offer your favorite spots as suggested locales!


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