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Speaking of Harry Potter…

Please forgive me, but I am officially going off on a tangent.

This was just too great an opportunity to pass up-The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has opened it’s (no joke) Harry Potter Exhibition.

Pretend your JK Rowling. You’ve just published one of the world’s most infamous (and controversially critiqued) series, that has dragged audiences of ALL ages to sleep for hours in whatever weather imaginable to view the billion-dollar film adaptations. This doesn’t even include the technically illegal reproductions of your work circling the world of fandom, the millions you’re making in clothing and accessories, or the clamoring any future works will bring about.

Now, someone in Chicago has gone ahead and decided to to dedicate a portion of their museum to your story….

Holy Monumental Marketing Batman!!!

This is the kind of promotional work for backlist books publisher’s can only DREAM about! It’s now gone from where can we apply HP references in the market (clothing, movies, music, food), to where haven’t we…I’m thinking vehicles, maybe an airline or two. Does Buckingham Palace have any renovation plans coming up? Cause I can suggest a GREAT theme that’s bound to be a huge success!

Move aside James Patterson, looks like the marketing world has met it’s greatest Book Behemoth.

Check out the Museum’s home and PW‘s review!

And in the words of the fictional character I want to grow-up to be: “I hope you’re pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed – or worse, expelled.”

(That’s right, its a Hermione Granger moment.)


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