About the nycbookgirl

The large and small of it is this: I’m a grad student in the publishing industry with a need to make my digital mark on the world. I live in Brooklyn, and study/work in Manhattan. My book tastes are fairly eclectic, ranging from the new Bill Simmons book (The Book of Basketball) to the Jane Austen and her fans’ adaptations (all 300 of them); from Denis Leary’s humor (Why We Suck) to Octavia Butler’s depth and innovation (Fledgling, the Patterneist series, Kindred); and from the ghost-written Richard Castle novel (Heat Wave) to the amazing Vampirates series (young readers, 8-12).

Sales and marketing are my preference, though I won’t hesitate to discuss quality of writing (or lack of, Ms. Meyer) or ingenuity of design (always impressive, Mr. Kidd). Also, check out my guest blog appearances on other sites!

This site will discuss, review, and generally provide a platform for all types of books and sellers, as well as the latest news in the industry. Industry personnel are welcome, book-lovers are a must, and comments are always encouraged. Enjoy, share, and read!


One response to “About the nycbookgirl

  1. Sue

    Hey – it’s Sue from the Chris Moore signing way back when (@spaltor on Twitter). Sorry I didn’t get back to your DM – I somewhat fell off the face of the earth this summer. Hope all’s well.

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