Spring Is In The Air (Regardless Of What The New York Weather May Say)!

Weather Spring showers bring May flowers or knot, its definitely springtime (for Hitler and Germany) for this bookworm.

[I guess it would have been nice to warn you that I’m feeling a bit quirky today, so there some word-play and random outbreaks of song up there. Très désolé. I’ll refrain from anymore.]

Some clear indications that we’re in full-swing of the season of rebirth (I’m of course alluding to the second coming of the New York tourists, now that the Christmas/New Year’s batch have gone home):

  • Hockey playoffs are underway (Go Ducks!)
  • Baseball is underway again (please, no Red Sox ribbing yet…its only April people)
  • Sneezing and coughing fits have begun (indicating that my hiatus from allergy ailments is coming to an end)
  • And the biggest sign of all: I’ve just bought 6 new Non-Fiction titles

Yes, it’s time for round two of the “New Year/New You” resolutions. Like most people in the new year, I began January with a sense of self-improvement and self-betterment. I, too, made numerous pledges to shed some weight/get more sleep/do more at work/*insert whatever other ridiculous declaration bound to die a one-month death here*. And like everyone else, they mostly died around week 2 of February, to await their awakening in January 2012.

Enter the season of new flowers, new life, and self-motivating rejuvenation: SPRING

Like every year, this season I am back on the ball and trying to “improve” myself. My method: read some books filled with facts. Maybe its the former-student in me, missing those late nights of cramming useless math equations, scientific theories, and historical revolutions into my head for a final/SAT exam/thesis. Doesn’t matter. Facts are facts, and apparently I’m hungering for them now.

So here’s the line-up:

  • The Greatest Game Every Player by Mark Frost: “The story of Francis Ouimet, the first amateur to win the U.S. Open golf tournament, is just too good to be true: it’s Rocky without the sequels, it’s Jack without his beanstalk, it’s Tiger without Nike. But it’s true, and as told by veteran thriller writer Frost, it’s the most compelling sports book since Laura Hillenbrand’s best-selling Seabiscuit.—Booklist
    Yes, I loved the movie. No, I know nothing about golf except that I find it a little boring and my father plays it way too much. But really, its a “little guy takes on The Man” kind of story. How does this NOT interest you?
  • How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization by Franklin Foer
    This was actually recommended by a co-worker, and seeing as I’m a casual soccer fan it made sense to check it out. That, and it’s a pretty compelling title 😉
  • Onward by Howard Schultz with Joanne Gordon
    Okay, so I’m a Starbucks fanatic. So sue me, and the other millions upon millions of people who get their daily dose of caffeine from this monstrous corporation. It may pay out, it may turn out to be another New York Times “bestselling” product placement. Only one way to find out, right?
  • Now, I obviously have a few more: one about some queens (the royal kind), one about some puppets, one about some divas (the basketball playing kind), and one about the APA Stylebook (sorta). But I think we’ll have to see how these go before I start sharing more.

    Happy reading, and avoid the pollen!


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