Covers of Interest

Finally back on the ball, I’ve come across some interesting covers the past few moths that I thought I’d throw out here. The first is this amazing new cover for one of Penguin’s backlist titles, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Newest Penguin cover for classic backlist

Newest Penguin cover for classic backlist

I have to say, it was never one of my favorite books, but this is a brilliant re-emergence of a classic literary work! It’s very modern, pop culture-esque look and feel. I’m a HUGE advocate for breathing new life into these brilliant works of old, and this is a wonderful way to grab the attention of a new generation. Modern adaptations are fun and all, but you can always make an old house look great with just a fresh coat of paint!

Television and Books collide

Television and Books collide

Now, this one is a bit selfish. I’m a giant fan the new show, CASTLE (Mondays, 10pm EST), both for its premise, its incorporation of the book world, and most importantly, and, of course, the ever amazing Nathan Fillion. So when I walked into Borders and found this book on one of the table displays, I knew I’d be leaving the store, book in hand.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s yet another cop show (don’t turn away yet, it gets better!), but there’s this comical author, Richard Castle, that the lead detective has been saddled with as a semi-permanent ride-along. He’s constantly getting in the way, obviously, but his great delivery, not to mention best-selling fame, make each case an hour of entertainment and joy. Kate Beckett, the dynamic detective stuck babysitting Castle, is just the thing he’s been looking for to write his new mystery series starring Nikki Heat, the lead character inspired by the red-hot cop! And to make the show even more enticing, guest appearances have already been made by the Mystery Mad Men themselves, James Patterson, Stephen Cannell, and Michael Connelly!

So to discover Hyperion actually published Richard Castle’s latest book!? You better believe I bought it!

Apparently Seth Grahame-Smith didn't go far enough

Apparently Seth Grahame-Smith didn't go far enough

Okay, so I know we’re all sick of Vampires, and we’re even MORE fed-up with Pride & Prejudice adaptations. But honestly, can you look at this and NOT want to find out more? As if adding the swarming undead to the original manuscript wasn’t enough, now we’re turning one of literature’s favorite leading man into one himself? This may just have to get a little further investigation by yours truly…


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